Q: Why did you make this website?

A: I thought it would be amazing if companies found me online via organic search and move them through my “marketing and sales funnel” using content and marketing automation.

Putting this website together is way to show that I know what I’m doing in the digital marketing field as opposed to just saying that I know how to do marketing. I also thought it would be  a great way to put educational content on the Internet that can help businesses and entrepreneurs make informed decisions.

Q: What experience do you have within digital marketing?

A: Here’s some of the cool stuff I’ve done:

Content creation

- Lifestyle articles

- Written web copy for nonprofits and an IT company

- Written and edited articles for nonprofit websites and their e-magazine

- Offline marketing collateral for various nonprofits

- Written all the user experience copy for this website, content marketing strategy and the articles for the insights blog


Marketing Strategy

- Created a multi-channel marketing and business strategy  for an IT company inline with their buyer personas (includes content marketing strategy, organic and paid social media, SEO, marketing automation,  partnerships and more)

- Created a multi-channel marketing and business strategy for BetterThanBruch, which includes a business model with various revenue streams (Pending approval)

- Created the strategy for the a-aronl.com brand



- Worked on the branding (identity and communications) for an IT company

- Branding for the a-aronl.com brand


User Experience

- Created the user experience for an IT company’s website

- Worked with two UX Designers (see the question, “who designed your website?”) to create my website

- Created a desktop and mobile ux mockup for a lifestyle website

Marketing Automation

- HubSpot certified (leading marketing certification) and deep understanding of marketing automation logic  

- Use and create marketing automations for this website using Jumplead, a marketing and sales automation tool

- Used HubSpot marketing plans at varying levels

- Used Mautic and familiar with their marketing automation platform

- Helped install and implement MailerLite on a low-traffic website



- Updated the title pages, meta descriptions and indexed  50+ pages (website was never indexed)

- Submitted a proposal to increase traffic to the aforementioned Lifestyle website by redoing the user experience and content on 50+ pages

- Conduct online and offline SEO for this website, which includes content creation inline with overall marketing strategy, adding page titles and meta descriptions, indexing the website with Google and Bing, backlinking to reputable and related websites and am in the process of answering topic related questions on Quora


PPC (Google AdWords and Bing Ads)

- Certified in both Google and Bing

- As a former program participant of COOP, I returned as a coach to teach various digital marketing skills I learned, which included help students create and monitor an AdWords campaign they eventually presented to Marketing Directors from major NYC ad agencies

- Ran Bing Ads campaigns for this website and a friend’s company website



- Used Google Analytics to find bots from Brazil and other countries were “attacking” my website and the lifestyle website, which created fake traffic; I was able to remove the bots by reaching out to the respective webmaster creating this issue


Q: Why should I hire you to do my marketing? Have you made any company millions of dollars through marketing? If I hired you right now, can you show me results?

A. Here are the answers to those questions:

Why should I hire you to do my marketing?

Other than the cool things I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m a “T” shaped marketer. This makes me an asset to any organization as I’m able to tie in the all the various facets that make up digital marketing and can create and execute marketing strategies that improve your company’s brand equity.

In the long-tail of things, brand equity will increase your company’s revenue.

I’ve also have international experience and worked with two organizations that required working and communication across time zones.


Have you made a company millions of dollars?

In short, there are a few things necessary for this to happen and I’ve not had the opportunity to work for a company with the following criteria (which would allow me to help a company make a million dollars):   

1. Willing to put in the time towards marketing

2. Willing to allocate monetary resources

3. Trust their employees they hired (directly or through contract)

4. Their product/service is needed in the market and works

5. A viable business model (or willing to change it)

6. Willing to be adaptable and be flexible in the way you run your business (within reason)


If I hired you right now, can you show me results?

A: If you and your company possess 1 - 6, let’s talk.

Q: I have really high expectations when it comes to marketing and sales, can you deliver?

A: Expectations vary person to person and company to company. I think it’s a great idea to talk about expectations when creating work agreements.

Let’s talk about your expectations.

Q: I’m thinking of reaching out to interview you for a marketing gig or would like you to consult my company. After reaching out, what should I expect?

A: You’ll receive an automated email confirming the receipt of your message. Then, I’ll reach out within 24-48 hours with a Calendly link to set a time for us to speak (I hope to have this process automated in the near future, as I’m waiting for Jumplead to release new features). Please note, you’ll move down my marketing and sales funnel once you contact me.

Q: Who designed your website?

A: I worked with Michael Commissiong on my branding guidelines. With these guidelines, Michael created the branding for the website and the original user experience and user interface. He also designed business cards and stationery to match the website's branding.

Yusif Alomeri helped me bring the visuals of the industry insights section to fruition (with light coding and his design background) using a UX mockup I created.  Since then, I’ve been making all of the UX changes. As of this writing, the industry insights section is under construction as I’m creating content.

Subscribe to receive updates for when the industry insights section is complete. Until then, you can view my current posts.


Q: I notice you have a lot of interests on your about page. Why’s that? 

A: I have many interests. Life is short and I want to make the world a better place in any way I can through my interests. After all, we’re not one-dimensional creatures.


Q: Can I reach out and ask you some marketing-related questions?

A: Please refer to the insights blog as I’m constantly creating useful content. If the insights blog doesn’t have the answer, please feel free to message me on live chat or email me.

Q: What marketing tools do you use?

A: Currently, my website is built on Squarespace and I use an all-in-one inbound marketing software from Jumplead, which features marketing and sales automation, customer relationship management (crm), leading capturing tools (landing pages and forms), emails and live chat. I also use Calendly to schedule interviews.


Q: You have HubSpot certifications, but you don’t use HubSpot. Why’s that?

A: HubSpot is a great marketing tool, but it’s currently out of reach (financially speaking). I can’t justify the cost of paying for it for this website. Jumplead doesn’t have all the features HubSpot does (but it has many) and it works well for this website.

Q: You have live chat available on your website, but you’re not currently available.

A: Live chat is always live with Jumplead. If you visit my website and start a conversation, I’ll receive a desktop notification if I’m online so I can respond. If I’m not online, Jumplead’s software will ask you to leave your name and email address, so I can reply at a later time.

Once you leave your information, you’ll be added to my crm and move through my marketing and sales funnel.