COOP (koh-op)



COOP (koh-op) is a nonprofit connecting motivated grads to meaningful careers in tech, media, and advertising.


Paid Social/Content Creation

I had the opportunity to create and present a Paid Social campaign concept to the Founder and Digital Marketing Director of the organization. With the Analytics and Paid Social team, we (the Content team) conceptualized a potential campaign COOP could implement.  

The Marketing Task:

Create a paid social media campaign that tells the story of past and present COOP students, and how its impacted their personal and professional lives. To do this, we created and distributed a survey that drew out the key insights we needed to create these ads. 

My digital marketing role: 

I helped create a survey to find key insights for the Paid Social Campaign. I was also designated to edit quotes in the Facebook Ads (in various sizes) below.


We created authentic, tear jerking stories via Facebook posts that capture what COOP is all about.