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I started my content creation journey with BetterThanBrunch and wanted to branch out to write for other organizations, one of them being OIYS. Through the content creation process, I had the opportunity to continue sharpening my communication skills working with people remotely and practice my writing chops. I was also able to utilize my search engine optimization skill set.


Content Creation

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by Aaron Leizerovici July 19, 2016

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by Aaron Leizerovici July 15, 2016


SEO (On Page and Off Page)

I contributed a few articles to OIYS, but wanted to increase my website’s domain authority (DA) and communicate to website visitors that I how to implement SEO best practice techniques.

Since writing these articles, I changed my website’s URL (I was using a portfolio hosting service before) so I knew I needed to reach out to the website’s webmaster. I had their information as I tried to submit additional articles, but they replied saying that weren’t accepting new submissions at that time.

Fortunately, all the webmaster had to was change the link in my name of the articles.

change backlink.JPG

The subject of the email was clear and to the point.

Subject Line Email.JPG
Email to change backlink for seo.jpeg
Email to change backlink for seo_2.jpeg

If you’re not familiar with SEO, this is only a fraction of the type of work involved in backlinking. At the end of the day, it requires relationship building and good communications skills.


Google Console & Key Phrases

After ensuring the backlinks on my name were corrected and the page titles and meta descriptions were entered correctly on this page, I started ranking for key phrases. While these key phrases are not part of the content marketing and SEO strategy for this website per say, I provided screenshots below to communicate the aforementioned.

The query below is filtered to show key phrase searches for the the last 12 months. Screenshots were taken on 1/31/019.